- Estimate how much you can earn on Airbnb

Hello everyone,

last month I talked at a local meetup in Milano🇮🇹, about building MVPs fast with Streamlit and I showed my previous project, Moseca, and a second project.

Also, I want to thank @pietroppeter for inviting me and advise you to check out his presentation.

Now I decided to publish that second project, called :tada:

This website is entirely built with streamlit :balloon:and allows you to estimate how much you can earn on Airbnb with your house.

Currently, only most touristic places in Italy :it: are available like Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, etc. but I will soon add other places in Europe and America (you can apply for a waiting list for a place in the app :hugs:)

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!



Hi @fabiogra

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

It would be great to also have a button that triggers the insertion of example address so users can try out the app.


That’s a great idea! Thank you @dataprofessor, I added a sample report page :wink:

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That’s awesome, thanks!