Icons for the multi-app page menu in the sidebar, other than emojis

Is there currently a way to use custom icons for the multi-page app menu in the sidebar right now? I would like to use some custom iconography to better distinguish my pages.

If not are there plans for this? Similar to setting the page icon / title?

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I created an account just to ask this. There has to be a way to use custom icons on each individual page, not just limited to emojis in the Python file name itself.

We need something like ‘st.set_page_config’ that applies to all pages, not just usable once in the app.

Completely agree! We are making a list of fast follows to the multi-page app design, and this is one I personally want to change. Would love any other ideas you have for things you’d like changed or added as we work on this in the coming couple of months.

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Hi, have a look at this New component: HTML content with click detection created by Vivien.

You could use icons / images.

Hope this helps.