If you need to downgrade your streamlit teams (cloud)

Current trying out streamlit team right now and came across the [ArrowInvalid] issue and wanted to share how to downgrade your cloud (streamlit teams) version.

  1. Go to your requirements.txt file
  2. add the “streamlit==0.84.2” or any version of streamlit you like that matches your needs.

Then voila! fixed.

Just leaving it here just in case people look for a solution similar to this!


Hey @databug,

Thanks for adding this helpful hint here for people!

@snehankekre :point_up: might be good for the docs!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

In general, I would suggest that people upgrade their version in the presence of errors, except under scenarios where they have a true “production” app. As Streamlit is consistently under development, your more likely to get the correct behavior as time goes on (because of bug fixes/patch releases).


For the particular issue mentioned at the top of the thread, a cleaner fix would be to set this in your .streamlit/config.toml file:

dataFrameSerialization = "legacy"

(I added this info to the original thread)