Streamlit Cloud uses streamlit old version (without exact pin in requirements.txt)

The new streamlit 1.5.0 is available, but my app on the cloud still uses 1.4.0. Is there any way how to upgrade the streamlit on the cloud without explicit pin in requirements.txt? Currently I even don’t specify streamlit explicitly and I don’t want to add something like streamlit==1.5.0 since I would like to alway have the latest version.

Hi @Mi-La :wave:

We have described this issue in the following Knowledge base article:

Namely, if you don’t include streamlit in your requirements file, the app will always use the same Streamlit version that existed when the app was first deployed on Streamlit Cloud; even if you reboot the app! In other words, Streamlit Cloud automatically pins the version for you so that the app does not break suddenly when rebooted in the future. In your case, we have automatically pinned streamlit==1.4.0 to your app.

If you want to always use the latest version available:

  1. Delete your app on Streamlit Cloud
  2. Include a line in your requirements.txt that says streamlit
  3. Redeploy your app on Streamlit Cloud
  4. Anytime a new version of the Streamlit library is released, you have to reboot your app as described here

Best, :balloon:

Thank you very much! I tried to search the doc several times and yet I somehow missed this topic :roll_eyes:.