Iframe component buffering

Hi there,

I am encountering an issue with the iframe component when I deploy my app on kubernetes. For some reason, the iframe content does not load.

I wish to embed a weight and biases dashboard in my app and all goes well when I run the app locally but for some reason, the iframe doesn’t load properly when I deploy the app on kubernetes? Has anyone encountered a similar issue before?

I guess this may potentially be related to my deployment code rather than streamlit itself. I would appreciate any guidance anyone can provide on this.


st.components.v1.iframe(‘Weights & Biases’,height=900, scrolling = True)

Code: cs329s-waymo-object-detection/cs329s_waymo_object_detection/streamlit_app at main · peterdavidfagan/cs329s-waymo-object-detection · GitHub

Hello @Peter_David_Fagan, welcome to the community!

I have never actually played with Kubernetes :confused:, but whenever I get this kind of problem I suspect the culprit is the network for the deployment.

  • Any network error displaying in the console of your browser devtoolsregarding the loading of your iframe?
  • If you open a terminal in the container running the Streamlit app, are you able to ping your remote weight&biases app?

Best of luck!

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