Ignore an alert: 'Bad message format'

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I hope you all are doing fine.
So, I implemented streamlit with my code for an Information retrieval system. At first I had many problems to hide the text input and the search button after clicking it to only show the document clicked. But then I managed to do that using beta containers. Now my problem is after clicking the button, the required work is done.

But I get an alert in browser titled ‘Bad message format’ and saying " ‘setIn’ cannot be called on an ElementNode ".

this is the code I used:

So, I just want to ignore the alert if possible. I tried the try except solution but it would not work as the with statement does the same.

Thank you for reading my request.

Hi @Walid_Moghrane, welcome to the Streamlit community!

If I’m not mistaken, this was a bug fixed in a patch release. Could you update Streamlit and see if that fixes your issue?


Hello @randyzwitch , thanks for replying to my topic.
This is the version of Streamlit I have installed:



The problem is still there, I wish that someone helps with this. As I have an appointment soon, and I have to submit it before a certain date.

Hi, I also run into this error but can’t understand what it means so i can try to fix my code.
so, what is the meaning of the message? Why there is no debug information when it occurs?