Importing OpenBB results in errors from cvxpy

I have an app on and the only thing that works is the one page that doesn’t require ‘from openbb_terminal.sdk import openbb’ line. Every other page with this line fails with " AttributeError: type object ‘spmatrix’ has no attribute ‘div’ " arising from some other module called cvxpy

The error page looks like this

The code for the project can be found at GitHub - CalCod3/obb-gpt: An Open-Source financial querying dashboard powered by OpenBB and ChatGPT
I am rather new to streamlit and would like your assistance solving this issue asap. Thanks.

Hi @CalCod3,

Thanks for posting!

There’s a recommendation from the OpenBB GitHub to squash the error; install the nightly version openbb-nightly[all].

If that doesn’t work, try the other solution proposed on the same issue:

You can resolve this issue by downgrading Scipy and Scikit-learn until the patch makes its way through to the main branch.

conda install -c conda-forge scikit-learn=1.2.1 scipy=1.10.1

Thanks @tonykip for getting back to me.

Now I have this error and it seems beyond my scope of control.

Any advise?

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