Unable to install cvxpy/glpk/cvxopt

Hi, I was trying to use pyportfolioopt in my web application. I understand that it might require cvxpy or cvxopt in the requirements.txt. However, I was having trouble downloading them when I tried to push the app to StreamlitCloud. If I didn’t include those packages, I would get an error notification saying “GLPK Solver” was not installed. It would be really helpful if someone could advise, thank you very much in advance!

What is the error message during deployment?

Unfortunately, you provide too few information to give any advice.
Please provide a link to your github repo.

Hi Franky1,

please see the below link and error messages.

The error messages comes

And this one as well

Yes, because this very new feature discrete2mixedint is not yet in the pypi repo package.

Try to use a previous version of cvxopt.
See my pull request on github.

However, pandas datareader fails quite often to read data from yahoo finance.
Maybe use yfinance instead or add some error handling or use a more stable API to fetch data from.

Thank you so much Franky1, you are a lifesaver!