Incompatible version of 'pyarrow'


While doing the Data Application Builder Workshop on snowflake I am constantly getting the following error message “You have an incompatible version of ‘pyarrow’ installed (13.0.0), please install a version that adheres to: 'pyarrow<8.1.0,>=8.0.0; extra == “pandas”'”
In the logs I saw that the version 8.0.0 gets uninstalled.

I have also tried the following line but without luck

App → App

Bellow are the contents of my requiremnts.txt file

# requirements.txt

Hi @Darth_Veka,

Thanks for posting! The app seems to be working okay apart from the connecting to Snowflake error. One thing you can try is uninstalling pyarrow completely and then reinstalling the 8.0.0 version with Pandas extra:

pip uninstall pyarrow
pip install 'pyarrow==8.0.0'

Let me know if this resolves the error.

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