Incorrect operation of copy-paste from excel to data_editor in version 1.33.0

Good afternoon! The project is running on a local machine. After updating streamlit to version 1.33.0, the copy operation from excel began to work incorrectly.
Python version 3.10. But I checked on 3.12 and got the same result.

Streamlit Community Cloud (similar problem):

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd

Force_init = pd.DataFrame([
    {"N": -200.0, "My": 15.0, "Mz": 20.0, 'Comment': '1', 'Comment1': '3'},
    {"N": -250.0, "My": 10.0, "Mz": 15.0, 'Comment': '2', 'Comment1': '4'}])

st.subheader('Π’Π΅Π»ΠΈΡ‡ΠΈΠ½Ρ‹ Π½Π°Π³Ρ€ΡƒΠ·ΠΎΠΊ')
df_force = st.data_editor(Force_init, hide_index=False, use_container_width=True, num_rows="dynamic",
            column_config={'N': st.column_config.NumberColumn('N', format="%.2f", required=True),
            'My': st.column_config.NumberColumn('My', format="%.2f", required=True),
            'Mz': st.column_config.NumberColumn('Mz', format="%.2f", required=True),
            'Comment': st.column_config.TextColumn('ΠŸΡ€.1', required=False),
            'Comment1': st.column_config.TextColumn('ΠŸΡ€.2', required=False)})