Increase number of private apps that can be shared

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Firstly I love Streamlit! :star_struck:

Is there a way we can increase the number of private apps we can share with specific users? I have several MVPs I want to deploy to specific customers and collaborators, and exclude everyone else.

I am ok to join and pay for a different Streamlit Cloud tier.


Hi @C_Quang,

Thanks for sharing your question!

We are currently in the process of building a new joint cloud product with Snowflake. As a result, we are not offering paid/enterprise Streamlit Cloud plans at this time. In the meantime, you are welcome to use our free Community Cloud, which allows you to deploy one private app and unlimited public apps. There are also a number of other platforms that can be used to deploy Streamlit apps; our forum’s deployment wiki features helpful guides and tutorials.

If you’d like to learn more about our roadmap or share feedback regarding features you’d like to see offered by the joint cloud product, please complete this form.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @Caroline sorry for the late reply and thanks for the info.

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Hi Caroline nice to meet you. About your comment of “offering paid/enterprise Streamlit Cloud plans”, I want to ask you if have some news about create de posibility of having innumerable private apps. Streamlit is very easy to use (creating apps or deploying it), and it will be excelente if we can shere private works with our clients.

Thank you for you comments.

Hi @Pablo_Fabian_Cinquem I think this would also be an excellent facility!

However, there are ways you can achieve something similar to this outside of Streamlit. For instance, you can set up as many private repositories as you wish on GitHub, and then deploy them all for free on Render. I haven’t investigated whether the apps can have a restricted distribution however in the way that you can do that on Streamlit’s private sharing.

The only catch is that deployment of a private code repository on Render is more involved than the excellent user experience on Streamlit’s private sharing.

If you are interested in exploring how to do this on Render, I offer a step-by-step process below:

All the best and hope you figure out a setup that works for you.


Caroline, thank you for your quick answer. I will research the way that you propose me, and I will let you know if I have more questions.

Thanks, again.


Hey there, just to give an update on this, we do not have plans to increase the number of private apps that can be deployed with Streamlit Community Cloud, since it is a free resource for folks just getting started with Streamlit to deploy (primarily public) apps. As I mentioned in my reply above, I would definitely recommend checking out the community deployment wiki and signing up for updates about the Streamlit / Snowflake joint product if you are interested in learning more.

Thanks for this - any updates? I work for a small business and was looking forward to deploying multiple private apps through Streamlit Cloud. It seems at this point i have to deploy streamlit apps with another tool like Render.

Hey @J-Sallis,

Thanks for reaching out!

We do not plan to offer paid plans on Streamlit Community Cloud. Our joint hosting product with Snowflake is currently in private preview – if you’re a current Snowflake customer, your account executive can get you added to the waitlist for private preview. You can also sign up for updates here on the availability of this product.