Increase Streamlit Cloud 1GB Resources

Hi, I am trying to deploy my Streamlit web app using Streamlit Cloud and GitHub. However, I my app stops working after trying to run some supervised learning models. How can I increase my resources? I can’t even manage to find paid tiers?

Pls help!

Hi @Vince_DeLeon,

Thanks for sharing your question and welcome to the forum! Streamlit Community Cloud is no longer offering paid plans as we are developing a joint cloud product with Snowflake (which will be in preview early next year!) which will host Streamlit apps.

Streamlit Community Cloud now serves as a free resource for users to get started with Streamlit and deploy 1 private app + unlimited public apps.

If your app is for an educational or non-profit use case, feel free to reach out to and we can help you get additional resources. Otherwise, please check out our community deployment wiki for information on deploying with other platforms that offer paid resource increases.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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