More Private Projects

I thought I saw something about this a while back, so if someone has a link or thread, please feel free to respond with that.

I was wondering if/how it’s possible to get allowance for my private projects for a developer. I thought there used to be a way to buy more with something like different subscription tiers, but I don’t see that now.

At this time, it’s just the one private app that is allowed. In the past it was different. Streamlit previously had paid tiers advertised, but the direction changed when it was acquired by Snowflake. There are currently no paid tiers for Streamlit Cloud and I haven’t heard of any reversals of this yet. I think the development focus is the hosting services built into the Snowflake environment at the moment.

For now, Streamlit Cloud is just a community and educational tool for people to have an easy way to get started. If you have need for more resources/more private apps, you’ll have to look at other hosting services for now.

I see, thanks for the info. The other hosting services unfortunately aren’t as easy for someone like myself with a data science stack that includes python/git but very little around hosting. Do you know why they don’t let us have X total slots and choose which are private vs public? I don’t know how their backend works, but I would imagine that costs around a private site are similar to those for a public site.

Hey @msquaredds, what @mathcatsand said is accurate – we offer 1 private app and unlimited public apps. The thought process behind this is that Streamlit Community Cloud is geared towards those who are just getting started with Streamlit – it’s not intended to serve as an enterprise business solution where you would need a large number of private apps.

That said, we do offer increased private apps through our education program if you’re a student or educator, and we run contests a few times a year where you can win hosting for additional private apps.

That makes sense, so then do people who want more than 1 private app/use Streamlit for their enterprise typically use the other hosting services as their option for expanding?