Snowflake Data for Good Hackathon India 2023-2024 App

I’m excited to announce the successful creation of my app, which won a Mac Mini valued at INR 60K, for the Snowflake Data for Good Hackathon in India for the years 2023-2024! :trophy::tada: Please note that this was developed using a trial account, and I’m uncertain about when the Snowflake credits will be exhausted.

App link :
Explore the app demo here and discover the rich features and insights it offers!

:link::bar_chart: Features:

  1. Number of Database Objects: Over 200 objects created, with almost a month’s worth of effort invested.
  2. Machine Learning Models: Utilized SNOWFLAKE.ML.FORECAST to build 26+ models dynamically.
  3. Email Functionality: Integrated system$send_email for email communication.
  4. Choropleth Map: Implemented choropleth_mapbox to visualize data on the map of India.
  5. Data Correction: Leveraged TRY_TO_* methods for data correction.
  6. Git Code Space: Utilized Git code space to build the Streamlit app.
  7. Comprehensive Insights: Provided complete insights into Indian Education data spanning from 1960 to the future projection of 2040.

Nice congratulations :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: