Individual .streamlit folder for each project


I’m trying to make multiple apps, each with their own config.toml and secrets.toml files, but they all keep using the ones on my .streamlit folder at C:\Users\xxxxx\ .streamlit, any way around this? Im using windows 10.


Hi @Zehtre , how about doing this?

  1. Make a separate folder of each of your projects and then include within it your .streamlit folder containing the relevant project’s config.toml file

  2. Open the command/ terminal, navigate to the desired project folder and then execute Streamlit run This should work.


See relevant docs for even more options (CLI / Environment variables).

Shawn is correct about per project .streamlit folders. you could do:

- project_1\.streamlit\config.toml
- project_1\

- project_2\.streamlit\config.toml
- project_2\