Streamlit config.toml and pyproject.toml

Hi Here, Should we create a separate .streamlit/config.toml file, or could we configure it in the pyproject.toml file in the main project directory? Please let me know when you have a moment

Hi @Bharat_koti :wave:

The .streamlit/config.toml file and pyproject.toml file serve two entirely different purposes:

If you want to change any of Streamlit’s configuration options, you will have to create either a global .streamlit/config.toml file or a per-project config file as described in Configuration.

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Hi @snehankekre Thanks so much for the clarification, appreciate a quick response.

Hi, sorry to bother, but how can i make the per-project config file persistent through different installs?, I’ve been searching but i can’t come up with it. Cheers!

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