Inputting formatted HTML - WYSIWYG editor

Hi! I am using streamlit for the first time and I’m an HTML expert but less a Python/Programming expert.
I am using Streamlit to create a form for people in my team to fill up variables that create a templated email, using jinja2.
I am using st.text_area and in some case I would need people to input formatted HTML.
For now I am letting them paste the source HTML into st.text_area,
but Ideally I would like to use instead of st.text_area, a WYSIWYG editor such as TinyMCE or Trumbowyg. Is it possible to embed such WYSIWYG editors in a Streamlit app to let the user input formatted text, and then pass to the app the source HTML?

Hello @anto,

Maybe you could try my Ace Editor component. It’s not a WYSIWYG but a code editor, which should be even better if you need to input some HTML code in your app.


Thank you @okld! I’m looking into the component you created!
However it doesn’t solve my main issue, as people who input the code are not tech-savvy so Ideally they should see a visual editor that lets them use bold and hyperlinks, and then the app can work on the HTML output they create.
Probably the same job you did with the ACE editor could be done with the Trumbowyg editor, but I am currently not experienced enough to do that…