Install Streamlit with Anaconda

Is it possible?
The last time I installed something with pip it broke my anaconda installation… Thus if the package could be installed through something similar to “conda install streamlit” it would be great!

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Found the solution in Conda User’s Guide.
A short sum up:

conda activate base
pip install streamlit

Then check the install by doing:

conda list | grep streamlit

If it doesn’t appear, read the guide, there’s a solution there.


I was able to install streamlit using pip inside of a Conda environment, but would highly recommend NOT to install it to “base” environment.

Here are the steps I followed to go from 0 to running the Streamlit demo:

conda create streamlit // create new Conda environment
conda activate streamlit // switch to new env
pip install streamlit
streamlit hello

Please note that “conda list” does not show the streamlit package for this env (contrary to the answer from soqueroprogramar above), even though streamlit seems to work fine. (Might be a conda update has changed this behavior since her/his answer?)

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That is correct @samudranb, installing a package to the base Anaconda environment somewhat defeats the purpose of conda.

Welcome to the Streamlit community!

I am not able to install streamlit.
steps i followed are as follows:

  1. conda create -y -n streamlit python=3.7
  2. conda activate streamlit
  3. pip install streamlit

Hello @raj_waje, welcome to the community !

When you say you are not able to install streamlit, what error are you running in ? Do you have any particular log trace from the terminal ?