Integrating PHP with streamlit

Hi everyone,
Can we integrate any php code for our streamlit app.
Or is there anyway that we can integrate flask or django with streamlit?

Hi @tirumaleshn, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Could you be more specific about what you are trying to achieve? It’s almost certainly not a good idea to try and run PHP from Python directly, but rather have that as a separate process or API call. Same with “integrating Flask or Django”, depending on what functionality you are looking for, those processes might run separate to the Streamlit instance.

Yup! thank u @randyzwitch for your response. So, as per your words, we can integrate php or django or flask as API call?

Sure, you can use the Python urllib or requests to call out to any service, that’s independent of Streamlit itself.

And one more question is that, can we make our streamlit web application to start when the user is authenticated only?.. Suppose, if the user opens the streamlit web application using the link, he should not get it open with out authentication.

As a general comment, anything that’s possible with Python should be possible with Streamlit. Setting up authentication is a function of how secure you need it to be, whether you need to integrate with an authentication service, and many other individual project considerations.