Interactivity of a dataframe from a clic: is it possible?

Hi ! :slight_smile:
I have a question about interactivity on streamlit. Is it possible to create interactivity from clicks?

This is my dashboard

For example if I click on the PA-014-FR-PON column I would like to get the part of the dashboard of the 2nd screenshot which is located further down the dashboard

It’s like a hyperlink
Is it possible ? Thanks

Hey @Nabs33,

Yes, it is but through a component made by one of our amazing community members, and not directly through Streamlit! @PablocFonseca made an aggrid component that allows you to have a dataframe with which the user can interact!

you can get access to this component with: pip install streamlit-aggrid

link to the GitHub: GitHub - PablocFonseca/streamlit-aggrid
link to example app:

if you want to find out about other available components check out our component page on your website:

Happy Streamlit-ing!