Internal Page navigation streamlit

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I want to have multiple Hyperlinks in the startup page and when someone clicks it I want direct to another internal page .
Assuming I have two pages (Page 1 and Page 2). In Page 1 , I want to have a link that will move to Page 2.

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Any idea regarding this one?

Keen for this functionality too. For example, on the initial page, I want to put cards on there with info in them (similar to metrics but customised) and then make those clickable. On click, this will then set some state and pass that through to another page within the app and the widgets on that page will then populate based on the session state set.

I know how to manage the session state but want to know if the internal navigation is possible.

Thanks in advance!


Found this thread here, looks like it’s being worked on and that there is a custom component package that gives this functionality in the meantime! Thanks @dave51c!

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