Programmatically navigating between pages in multipage app


I’m using the multipage functionality and have a couple of pages showing in the sidebar navigation. Is there a way to switch to a page from an event on another page. For example, a user selects an item in a list on one page, then can push a button to view that item in detail - which would be laid out on one of the other pages.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dave51c,

This isn’t natively supported yet, but there’s an open GitHub Issue for it here – feel free to add your thoughts to that discussion


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I am using the super useful function by streamlit-extras

does exactly what you’re describing


Hi @Caroline

Looks like folks are on it! Thanks to all for future progress.

Hi @alonsh

Thanks so much for heads up on this - it looks like a solution for now! My boss will be pleased :smile:
Some other cool extras in there that I am keen to try.

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