Internal server error: Failed to resume the app


I am trying to deploy my first app on Streamlit, but the following error occurs:

“Internal server error: Failed to resume the app. Please retry and contact support if it happens again”

This always happens and there is no further indication.

Please, any ideas?

Hey @frankmollard,

Can you share the link to the app and the link to the GitHub repo?

The same problem is faced by me. please help me.

Please can you link to your repository?

Without knowing anything about your app, the only possible help I can provide is the generic “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” (For Streamlit Cloud, that would be “Try rebooting the app.”) :grin:

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Very thanks, under url is the link to my repo.

@simplepatentmap What is URL of your deployed app?

Currently, Since I cannot deploy my app, I do’t have the URL but the URL of my previous app was

I was maintaining an app that was working fine until two days ago. Then the app stopped working, so I deleted it. I am now trying to deploy it again, but the following error appears: “Internal server error: Failed to resume the app. Please retry and contact support if it happens again”
What should I do?


There was an outage with Community Cloud yesterday that should now be resolved. Are you still having trouble redeploying?

Hi! Unfortunately, if I try to deploy the app, after ca. 20mins a timeout error appears:

[21:32:59] :desktop_computer: Provisioning machine…
[21:33:05] :control_knobs: Preparing system…
[21:33:10] :chains: Spinning up manager process…
[21:33:17] :balloon: Inflating balloons…
[21:33:22] :open_book: Unpacking Comic Sans RAR files…
[21:33:28] :construction: Loading “Under construction” GIF…
[21:33:33] :hammer_and_wrench: Compiling tags…
[21:33:40] :fax: Initializing Java applet…
[21:33:45] :hourglass_flowing_sand: Please wait…
[21:33:02] :rocket: Starting up repository: ‘climate_repository’, branch: ‘main’, main module: ‘’
[21:33:02] :octopus: Cloning repository…
[21:39:09] :octopus: failed
[21:44:05] :octopus: failed
[21:51:25] :octopus: failed
[21:56:26] :octopus: failed
[22:02:54] :octopus: failed
[22:03:02] :octopus: Failed to download the sources for repository: ‘climate_repository’, branch: ‘main’, main module: ‘’
[22:03:02] :octopus: A timeout occurred while attempting to clone the repository.

Is your repository public? Please can you provide the link to your repository and the URL for the app (even though it’s not functional at the moment)?

And just to confirm, did you delete and redploy sometime today after the issue was resolved (as opposed to just rebooting)?

It has been working for a few days, and then it went back to the same issue. The link is:

(I confirm that I deleted and redeployed it)
Thank you!

The app is up and running for me at the moment. Is it spontaneously erroring and self-resolving? Or are you having to reboot it repeatedly to get it back up?

The second. I had to reboot it several times before it went back to work…

Hmmm. I see your last commit was 5 days ago. Did it only break in response to the commit (the “failed to download the sources for repository” error), or is it continuing to periodically break after several days of working and no new commits? (I am tracking a couple issues internally related to apps updating in response to commits.)