Streamlit is working?

Hello everyone, streamlit have an issuies with deploymen? I can’t deploy my apps.

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@oscarperez11 Streamlit is working fine, please check your internet connection or official docs of streamlit to get help more about the issues you are facing.

Thank you

I have also trouble with deploying and rebooting my apps. relieved for that I am not the only one having a trouble.

It’s not just you! I’ve run into this the last couple of hours. Thank you all for reporting this issue. I’m relaying the issue to the Community Cloud team and will update this thread when I hear back. Apologies for the trouble in the meantime! :pray:

It’s working just fine, I just deployed a new demo app at 10:54 AM 23/08/2023 and it’s up and running just fine.

My other app also have been running fine since earlier (for as long as I read those question on streamlit not working since this morning for ~3 hours) these are old apps deployed at least a week ago.

New apps deploy just fine, but existing apps for some users neither reboot nor pick up on the latest changes from the app repo.

Restarting or resuming applications is not working on Community Cloud. The team has identified the issue and implemented a fix and we are monitoring the results.

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that this issue has been resolved. Please let us know if you’re still seeing this issue.

can’t deploy!

Hey @Binzidd, this issue was actually not related to deploying an app for the first time – can you share some more info about what error you’re seeing when you try to deploy your app?

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