Invitation not working

I’d like to share my app to some people, including having emails like yahoo.
I’ve added a few emails to the authorization list, but unfortunately, they can’t access (SSO issue).
How can I solve this please?

Hi @NM4455, and welcome to the Streamlit community!

May I check that you are referring to a Streamlit for Teams account?


Not sure @Charly_Wargnier : It is related to the beta service, in the settings → Viewers → Allowed emails.

I’ve emailed the Streamlit for teams team for support. We’ll come back to you very shortly.

Thanks for your patience @NM4455


ok thanks

Hi @NM4455

So I’ve asked devs and you can’t add emails such as yahoo to the allowed emails list at this time.

You can only add email addresses from domains you’ve configured with SSO.

Hope that clarifies.