Hi! I want to be able to deploy my app today. Could someone extend me an invitation? It would be greatly appreciated!

Streamlit for Teams is an awesome service, but if you need to deploy TODAY, I don’t know that you will get an invite in time. I do not work for Streamlit so this statement is based on personal experience

If you need to deploy TODAY, I would recommend Heroku. It’s very easy to set up and there are many tutorials available on the internet. Heroku also provides a free service that is close in performance to Streamlit for Teams.

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This is definitely a reasonable statement while Streamlit sharing is in beta. Until we are entirely sure of the performance characteristics of large pools of apps, we are not auto-approving signups (and not over the weekends).

Eventually we’ll move to an auto-approval model, but for a must-deploy-on-Sunday model, that’s not us at the moment :slight_smile:

Hey there :wave:

I am looking to build an app for neural style transfer for copying image styles, and I’d love to use Streamlit to code and host my application.

Would you be able to send me an invite? I am on the waitlist with :slight_smile: