Is it possible to add link?

I was trying to add links to my picture shown using streamlit. But when I click those buttons, the page automatically refresh. Is it possible to jumping to another page and could return to current page continuously when press return on the new page?

Hey @Jing_Xu and welcome to the community :blush: !

Just to clarify - are you looking for a selectbox that switches “apps” or are you looking to add a clickable link to your app?

Also anything else you can tell me about the app and use case would help so I can help you figure out the best way to do what you want!

Here is the situation we are currently facing.

We would like to use streamlit to demo our video analysis project. In this demo, we will have our trained classifier. We show the video on the website as well as true-labelled images. Ideally, if we click the image, there will be another video displaying below the original video stream that shows the exact video that contains that clicked image. Now if we set a button for this function, when clicking it, the page will be reload and the program will run from the beginning, which is not what we expect. Is it possible to use streamlit for this function?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi @Jing_Xu. I think the functionality you are looking for is currently not supported.

A workaround is providing text links or image links via markdown.

[this is a text link](upload://7FxfXwDqJIZdYJ2QYADywvNRjB.png)
[![this is an image link](upload://7FxfXwDqJIZdYJ2QYADywvNRjB.png)](

which displays as shown below

this is a text link
this is an image link


Hi Marc,

I tried this and the link works but still the image would not show. what is the location of the .png file for upload? I’m totally new to this. Thanks.