Is it possible to embed an external website in the Streamlit app?

I am trying to embed an external website in my Streamlit app using an <iframe/>.
Is it really possible currently?

I checked this post with the duplicated question, but didn’t see any response.
Also, I tried to do POC in my end using components.html and components.iframe in this post, but they didn’t work as long as it is not a Streamlit app.

It would be great If you confirm that embedding external website is supported and provide some examples if it supports.

App is running locally
Python: 3.8 and Streamlit: 1.27.2

It basically depends on whether the website you are trying to embed allows it. For example:

import streamlit as st

## It allows it
st.components.v1.iframe("", height=400, scrolling=True)

## It does not allow it
st.components.v1.iframe("", height=400, scrolling=True)

More details:

Thank you for clarifying it @edsaac