Is streamlit appropriate for concurrent user requests?

Recently I got a discussion with a collegue about Streamlit. He told me that Streamlit is not appropriate in case we have several page requests at the same time - especially if the page performs some computationally intensive operations. In my understanding this is not only a matter of the streamlit app but also depends on the server (Tornado) used?

To be honest, I have never thought about this yet, as my application has quite moderate traffic and there shouldn’t be many requests at the same time.

To come to my question: Is it true? And if yes, is there a solution? I am not so familiar with server architecture, work load balancer and so on. Maybe this is a kind of solution !?!?!?

Maybe not relevant here: We are running streamlit inside a docker container behind a reverse proxy.

Hi, I believe this forum post will help you out, although this particular person used AWS for hosting, the solution is more general purpose. (Maximum number of concurrent users for streamlit app - #6 by rion)

Thx for this precious hint :slight_smile:

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