Streamlit network url

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Hi, this may be a dumb question. How many people can usethe network url before it starts to bottleneck? Would that depend on the server and not streamlit itself?

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Hey @Knickfan07, welcome to Streamlit!

It’s not a dumb question, but of course the answer is a big set of “it depends!” :slight_smile:

Streamlit uses Tornado to manage web connections, and can in theory handle many thousands of concurrent users (on a big enough machine, of course!). The big limiting factor for most apps will be how much work your Streamlit script is doing.

If you’re doing something very memory-, CPU-, or GPU-intensive in your script, you won’t be able to support as many concurrent users as you will with a simple script that displays mostly static data, for example.

If bottlenecking does become a problem, most Streamlit apps should be reasonably “horizontally scalable”: that is, you can deploy the same Streamlit app on multiple servers, and put a load balancer in front of them, and achieve more concurrency that way. (But: probably not something to worry about unless and until you know you’ll be making an app that will need it!)