Is there any possibility to use st.beta_column in st.beta_column?

Since now beta_column and beta_expander don’t support use themselves in it, is there any possibility to support use beta_column in beta_column or use beta_expander in beta_expander in near future?

Hello @imClumsyPanda,

If possible, could you tell us a little bit more about your case and what you would want to achieve with expanders inside expanders, or columns inside columns that you could not achieve with st.beta_columns((dim_col1, dim_col2, dim_col3)) for different column widths? Those kind of experiences help us reprioritize those feature requests :slight_smile:.

Have a nice day!

I’m trying to make an app with multiple pages, in some pages wide mode is suitable and in the others I’d like to use a layout like centered page mode. To achieve that I’m now using st.beta_columns.

And now I’d like to use beta_expander and beta_column in beta_expander in those centered mode pages achieved with st.beta_column.