Is this streamlit tracking legit?

I have been looking for a streamlit tracking capability and stumbled on this: streamlit-analytics · PyPI

Wanted to confirm if this is legit/formally created by streamlit before I employ it?


This is a hard question to answer…there are no “official” Streamlit components, in the sense that you are talking about. That component specifically is created by @jrieke, who happens to now be a Streamlit employee.

What are your concerns about the package?


Ah right, I just wanted to know if it was trustworthy. I have had a quick peruse of the code and it seems reasonable. But knowing he works for streamlit brings comfort in my desire to use it.


Hey @Rushmore!

That’s very nice to hear :wink: Yes, I created this extension a while ago, right before I joined Streamlit actually. I don’t think there’s any chance for abuse if that’s your concern. You can even password-protect the analytics results within the app but keep in mind that this is obviously not 100% secure as it’s just a simple text password within the app. Btw there were some errors reported recently (check the Github issues), which I didn’t have time to look at yet.

Cheers, Johannes

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