Issue with threading: text not displayed

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Streamlit, still trying to figure out how it all works.

What I’m currently trying to do is set up a logging receiver that just displays a text element on the Streamlit dashboard from a subthread.

I’m using add_report_ctx to add the ReportContext to the thread before starting it. The thread runs and receives log messages via ZeroMQ. It calls st.text to create text elements. The thing is, they are never displayed very rarely and infrequently. I don’t see a pattern under which the dashboard refreshes. It seems like some refresh mechanism isn’t being triggered on every call to text or other st-members.

What might be the reason here? What am I missing?

Thank you

edit 1: added some details regarding the refreshing behavior

Update I’ve sort of solved this issue by switching from threading to asyncio. No issues there. I just can’t use the event loop directly. AsyncIO always claims that there’s no loop running even though my tasks work like a charm. Weird…

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Glad you figured out a work-around @HWiese1980, and welcome to the Streamlit community!

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Thank you, Randy. That asyncio issue remains, though and makes it difficult to run multiple “parallel” tasks. For the time being I have one task that has an if block splitting between the different ZMQ topics. I’d like to have a distinct one for each topic. The asyncio issue with the allegedly not running event loop prevents me from it. But that’s a different story, not in the scope of this topic! Just felt like mentioning it.

I’m wondering if it’s an issue where Streamlit itself is running multiple threads, so maybe the context gets lost somewhere. @thiago, do you know anything about this?

Hi @HWiese1980 :wave:

I can’t repro the issue when I try the toy example below. Is this more or less what you’re doing on your end?

import streamlit as st
from streamlit import ReportThread
from threading import Thread
import time


ctx = ReportThread.get_report_ctx()

def print_numbers(thread_id):
    ReportThread.add_report_ctx(None, ctx)
    output = st.text("")
    for n in range(1000):
        output.text("Thread %s: %s" % (thread_id, n))

thread = Thread(target=print_numbers, args=(2,))