Print values in a thread

Hello everyone! I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Imagine I have this app

import time
import streamlit as st
import streamlit.report_thread as ReportThread

from threading import Thread


ctx = ReportThread.get_report_ctx()

def print_numbers(thread_id, empty):
    ReportThread.add_report_ctx(None, ctx)
    output = st.text("")
    n = 0
    while n < 1000:
        n += 1
        output.text("Thread %s: %s" % (thread_id, n))
        empty.write(f'Hello {n}')

empty = st.empty()
if st.button('Push'):
    thread = Thread(target=print_numbers, args=(2, empty))

st.text_input('Write something')
st.selectbox('Select something', range(10))

The issue here is not the threading itself because it actually runs without problems in the background. However, I would like that empty.write(f'Hello {n}') prints in every iteration to have a notion of the current state of the loop. The problem is that this just updates once and the only way that I have seen that it updates again is when I do something in the app that refreshes the page, but it just updates that time. In other words, the empty.write(f'Hello {n}') stays in a same value.

NOTE: Part of this code has taken from here I just added some features to make it more similar to my problem.

Thank you!!