Issues deploying on streamlit sharing due to wrong python version

I am using streamlit sharing for a project. One of the packages I need rembg needs to have python 3.7.12 however the streamlit sharing will not stop using a newer python version. I went into the advanced settings and selected the app to run with python 3.7 but things are still not working.

sharing url:

github for project: GitHub - flrivera/Pet-Lab: Keep your pets safe! Upload a picture and obtain a flowers toxicity levels with the click of a button.

Hi @flrivera, welcome to the Streamlit community!

The first thing I would do is to limit your requirements.txt file to the packages you’re actually importing. With 200+ packages having specific versions, pip is going to have a hard time resolving that.

Assuming this is the same package, it looks like it also supports Python 3.8. So I’d put only the dependencies that absolutely have to have a fixed version and try again.