Text input "Press Enter to apply" default behavior of Streamlit's text input widget


i am building a chatbot that depends on buttons and i want to remove the default “Press Enter to apply” default behavior of Streamlit’s text input widget.

my code is:
query = st.text_input(“Enter a question and get an answer:”)


Hey @AhmedEwis,

Thanks for sharing this question!

I assume you’re looking to add a button that would submit the text input rather than having the user just hit “Enter.” Is there a reason that the following wouldn’t work for this use case?

with st.form("my-form"):
   query = st.text_input("Enter a question and get an answer:")
   submit_button = st.form_submit_button("Submit question")

even after using forms its not working, any other alternative solution?

Since this solution was posted, forms have been updated to also submit with Enter so it’s no longer a work around. I’m not sure of a way to disable the functionality, but you may want to check GitHub and create a feature request for this.

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