Joblib Model - Loading Issue

I have an issue with loading my joblib-saved ML model and I was not able to resolve it.
Check the picture below to have an idea:

Have a look to my GitHub repo and please, do tell me what is wrong?
Here are the links to my GitHub repo and WebApp:

Looking forward.

Best regards

Hi @Abdoo_Dada

The GitHub repo seems to be private. I am guessing that the app is missing the import of necessary prerequisite libraries where its methods may have been called in-app but may not have been defined before hand.

The ModuleNotFound error hints that the necessary prerequisite libraries may not have been installed (which you may do by specifying them in requirements.txt file). Also check out the FAQ post on this: FAQ: ModuleNotFoundError - #2

Hope this helps!

Hi @dataprofessor and thanks for your response.
I have changed my GitHub repo to Public.
Would you please have a look at it again and check what’s wrong.
Best regards.

Also add lightgbm to the requirements.txt file

Thank you very much @edsaac. That really worked.

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