Jupyter extension for streamlit

I am using a lot ipywigets to visualize and create dashboards with voila. Voila is very verstail and handy and has an extension that once install adds a simple Button in the jupyter Menu that when clicked renders the notebook in a new browser tab.

Ist there a similar extension/button for rendering a notebook with streamlit?

In voila the extension is install so: jupyter labextension install @voila-dashboards/jupyterlab-preview

There is no such equivalent in streamlit github repo. Nor did I find it googling it.

The reason behind the question is trying to find out if steeamlit apps can be served on a jupyter hub rendered without a user having to touch a terminal.


Hi @Joseberlines -

There isn’t currently an extension that does this, but we’d welcome someone in the community who is willing to develop this!

I believe people have done this, but it requires making sure that your JupyterHub server has enough ports open to make it work. The basic idea is running your script, specifying a specific port to run from (since 8501 could not be open, or could be in use by someone else).