St.write('no text show')

<streamlit.DeltaGenerator.DeltaGenerator at 0x2353eb79508> only this is showing when st.write(‘some text’) is runing on jupyterlab. Why? How to solve this, also other code don’t show nothing (even in venv on terminal ). I am using w10, anaconda3, jupyter…thanks in advance for consult me! Isaco

Hi @isaco,

Streamlit was intended to replace Jupyter Notebooks, not to work inside them, as such we don’t have official support for this.

However please see this thread on using Jupyterhub + Streamlit.

Does this help resolve your issue?

wait, seriously? I thought it was more to “supplement” than “replace.”
interesting. I haven’t been looking at streamlit as a go-to to start development/exploration.

“Replace” might not be the right word here, but Streamlit isn’t designed to work with Jupyter, since we have slightly different goals. Jupyter is a great project, but we’re trying to focus on the user-interface/application end goal of a project. So running inside of Jupyter doesn’t really make sense, as you’d be running a webserver (Streamlit) from a different webserver (Jupyter) to display Streamlit things (web content) inside a different web environment (Jupyter).

That some people 100% use Jupyter as an IDE as well does complicate the messaging, unfortunately.

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Hi Randy,

thank you for your information, now Stremlit is working OK, just you said, I run it from Command Prompt !

Best regards,

V V čet., 16. jul. 2020 ob 15:28 je oseba Randy Zwitch via Streamlit <> napisala:

yeah I understand that. However, in my particular use case, jupyterhub is providing managed and secured access to supercomputing resources. So, particularly for the use case of rapid ML prototyping on systems (without root access for users), having the JLab IDE lets one basically develop and iterate on the server, and I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent with widgets building something that might resemble what streamlit enables.

When a slider is going to kick off a lot of FLOPS, I would argue that yes there’s some interest in having JLab tabs be able to show a streamlit app that is being used for development, and as far as I can tell, I’m able to proxy any webserver from within a running instance of jupyter (like, I can run RStudio from within it).

I managed to get it working during the presentation I saw on streamlit (after which I made that post linked to by @Jonathan_Rhone), with the main barrier being CORS (since I had already figured out proxying for RStudio). Since then, it appears that xrsf security needs to be disabled as well.

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Sure. I was just trying to highlight that “working with Jupyter” is a bit hard to define, because there are several different pieces.

We don’t make any effort to support the notebook cell model. But if you use Jupyterlab with the Python script functionality and the terminal, then it would (should?) work the way a normal terminal and text editor would. Something like this

So that’s why its tough to say we “support” Jupyter, because it depends on how people are trying to run things.

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yup that’s about what I was envisioning. I don’t think there’s anything preventing that, and I updated the instructions on my previous post if anyone’s trying to get that + another tab with live-reloading streamlit app.

such a dreamy dev env

more than enough to say you support “jupyter” lol but I do catch your drift. It’s not the intended flow per say

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