Language Translator Web App (Simply! Translate)

Hello all,

I have created a language translator app(Simply! Translate) using Streamlit, which allows user to enter a text and

  1. Translate from one language to another
  2. Create an audio file of the translation
  3. Let the user download the audio file.

Special Thanks to Streamlit for making it simple and easy to use and presenting my app to the world. I have deployed the app using Streamlit sharing.

Have fun with my app here:

Please take a look at my Github repo here: GitHub - HarisankarSNair/LanguageTranslator: A free and unlimited python tool for language translation.Made with Streamlit and google-trans-new api. 100 % pure python.

Donโ€™t forget to drop your suggestions as it makes the app live and user-friendly.

Any improvisation needed! Let me know here.