Limitation of rows of data in Streamlit page

Have been working on displaying rows in a streamlit page, each row containing the path of a video.
There are many videos in the folder, but only 5 are showing.
Is there a limitation as to the number of rows that can be displayed on the streamlit page?
Also, how to make the rows clickable (using aggrid) such that after clicking on the specific video path in the row, it plays under it?

  • Streamlit version: (1.25)
  • Python version: (3.8)
  • Using venv
  • OS version: Ubuntu
  • Browser version: Firefox

Hi @Yashpreet_B_Voladodd

The contents of Aggrid is likely rendered inside an iframe and as such it has a pre-defined height. You may however customize the CSS property so that the iframe height of the Aggrid is larger.

More details on how to do this in the following tutorial video:

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