Link to IP Allowlist Documentation is Broken


The links to Stable outbound IP address - Streamlit Docs in the documentation and discussion thread is broken. It takes you to the “Get Started” page instead

There is no longer a page or section with this title.

I also could not find the IP addresses when searching for keywords on Google and on the docs page

Link to GitHub Issue


Hey @Nathan_Jones :wave: ,

This is a feature we retired/sunset for Community Cloud. Would love to learn more about how you were planning on using it so we can help give some recommendations!

I have a Streamlit Cloud private app that connects to an AWS Postgres instance.

In the past, I used the IP allowlisting method to authenticate the DB requests coming from the private app

These are the ones I used. ( · · · · ·

When I google searched they came up within a search result but the link, as you said, redirected you to the get started page. I don’t remember what I searched to find them previosuly

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Thank you @Jared_Perez !

I saw your post and was going to add these, but I wanted to hear back from the Streamlit team before I actually used this in production.

Can someone from the Streamlit team confirm these are the correct IPs?

It looks like the Streamlit team won’t support IP Allowlisting for Private Community Cloud Apps, as they are moving that to the Enterprise offering which is a bummer :frowning:

As for alternatives, I’ve tried SSH tunneling, but that won’t work for me right now.

If I want to continue using my private app and have it communicate with the database do I need to move to a self hosted solution?

Thanks for the help.

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Hey :wave:,

Correct, IP allowlisting won’t be possible on Community Cloud going forward since the platform is geared towards community members trying to share their apps and code publicly.

The feature was originally built for enterprise and business use cases and those tiers of Cloud were retired late last year. If interested, there’s an enterprise offering coming soon that natively integrates Streamlit and Snowflake for business settings. You can sign-up here to learn more about it.

Would recommend checking out the community guide as well for more hosting options.

For now, all we’ve done is taken it out of the docs to prevent further promotion of it, so the above IPs will still work. I’d caution against using them as a medium/long term solution though since the functionality is going to be fully turned off in the future. We don’t have a set date yet, but it’ll likely be in the next couple/few months [we’ll be making a forum post to give everyone a heads-up once we have a set date].


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