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Lnu-AI is an Artificial Intelligence system developed to serve as a bridge between the Mi’kmaq language and AI. This platform is rooted in the deep commitment to cultural preservation, leveraging modern technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to aid in the revitalization of the Mi’kmaq language.

Lnu-AI Chat Project Code

Lnu-AI Chat is a conversational AI system that can be used to chat with an AI system that is trained on the Mi’kmaq language and aligned as an Indigenous AI aligned assistant. This system was pre-trained on a large dataset of written and audio translations of Mi’kmaq words and phrases.

Lnu-AI Chat has learned the nuances of the Mi’kmaq language structure, including its orthography and written form.


  • 8000+ Mi’kmaq Words
  • 6000+ Audio Translations
  • 150000 Prompt Completion Pairs
  • OpenAI Fine-Tune Models


  • Embedded Mi’kmaq Language Corpus
  • Indigenous Aligned AI Assistant
  • Translation and Interpretation into 161 Languages
  • Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Storytelling and Poetry
  • Coding and Programming

Lnu-AI Chat Feature Overview

The Chat feature in Lnu-Ai creates a groundbreaking platform where users can engage in real-time conversations with an AI, powered by machine learning and natural language processing. This unique feature is meticulously designed to incorporate the Mi’kmaq language, thus paving the way for an immersive linguistic experience.



  • Real-Time Conversations: The Chat feature enables users to interact with the AI in real-time, creating an engaging and responsive conversation environment.

  • Language Learning: With each interaction, the AI uses Mi’kmaq phrases and words, providing users with the opportunity to learn and use the language in a conversational context.

  • Customizable Experiences: The AI can adjust its conversational style based on user preferences, allowing for a highly personalized chatting experience.

Example Conversations


Mi’kmaq Linguistics

Python Programming

Future Developments

We envision making the Chat feature even more interactive and versatile by:

  • Integrating voice recognition and speech-to-text capabilities.
  • Enhancing the AI’s contextual understanding for more meaningful conversations.
  • Implementing features that allow users to customize the AI’s language proficiency level.

As we continue developing these features, we remain open to contributions from the community. Developers, users, and Mi’kmaq language enthusiasts are welcome to provide feedback, suggestions, and contributions to enhance the Chat feature and help in preserving and promoting the beautiful Mi’kmaq language.


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