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Hi everyone,

I am announcing an update to Financial Analysis Web App V3.0 ! :tada:

For the past few months, Iโ€™ve been working to improve this web application. This update :robot: includes functions such as st.Page, connection with Google Sheets from st-gsheets-connection, additionally, financial information is updated at FY-2023 and 1Q-2024.

I greatly appreciate your support and suggestions. :turtle:

Best Regards :smile:

Link :point_down:


Hi !
Lots of work done here !
I donโ€™t know anything in finance so some explanation in each part will be usefull (maybe a help info hide section!)

Iโ€™m using this to make a hide button clickable :
Here a example :

            if col2.button(":blue[โ„น๏ธ Info]", type="primary", key="ROI"):
                # st.write("Clicked")
      "ROI, or Return on Investment, measures the profitability of an investment relative to its cost, expressed as a percentage or ratio.",

            button[kind="primary"] {
                background: none!important;
                border: none;
                padding: 0!important;
                color: black !important;
                text-decoration: none;
                cursor: pointer;
                border: none !important;
            button[kind="primary"]:hover {
                text-decoration: none;
                color: black !important;
            button[kind="primary"]:focus {
                outline: none !important;
                box-shadow: none !important;
                color: black !important;

Some suggestions :
Please select an option:
(google/microsoft/apple) you should put it on the sidebar, like this you do not need to come back to the first page to change the society.

After i will be in the form not in the content :

Small thing : In the first page technical analysis the name on the society is in black not green.

Fundamental Analysis : you should do a framed for โ€œgoogle, revenues, totals costsโ€ฆโ€

CAGR : you should change the color palette with something less aggressive :smiley:

The first part with all the libraries/developped it will be better to add it at the end of the home page/or an about page. And start with a summary of the app and the warning important information

Return on Equity : not the same blue as everywhere.

Really good work there, i enjoy some stuff that i wasnโ€™t aware of !


Hi Flo!

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback and suggestions! I am appreciate the time you took to provide these insights. Your positive feedback is motivational!
Thank you once again!
Best regards, :grinning:
Edgar T.

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