Make chatbot to read and answer from pdf files

Hi Caroline…
Good day to you.

I shifted to gpt 4 model last day as there was some tenacity limit issue for my free version of 3.5 turbo.

Now the app is running…

  1. I just wanted to ask what can I do to make gpt-4 also respond to graph related queries? Because when I ask it to interpret graphs then it is unable to give any insights from the report.

  2. Also is it possible that for normal queries I can use 3.5 version and for graph related queries I can switch to version 4?

The app is now working fine… I deployed it using gpt-4 and also changed temperature and system prompt.
I need your further guidance on how can I make it give better responses. Is there any amendment I can do in the code like explained in the link below

Hi @Caroline, I followed the tutorial, but when I sub in my own pdf, the chatbot either only summarizes the first page, or says it doesn’t have access to the document at all. Any idea what might be going on?