Make component creation easier

Dear Streamlit Team

I have a small request. Is there any way in the subsequent version of Streamlit, that you guys can make the creation of components easier and most importantly, possible, directly from Streamlit / python (without the inclusion of node / JS libs)?

I guess all the guys currently creating components for Streamlit are veteran programmers, not budding ML / back office Excel enthusiasts.

Can creating components be made as easy as creating Streamlit widgets?

Just asking…

(Thanks for Streamlit - it’s simply awesome)

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@Shawn_Pereira - It’s pretty easy. Have a look at this static HTML component implementation - no fancy JS framework or external Node server required. GitHub - asehmi/streamlit-toggle-buttons-component: Pure static HTML/JS Streamlit component toggle button implementation

Thanks @asehmi , I will go through your files and see if I can replicate that for a new component.

Many thanks for helping out.