Making some fancy custom components with no web-dev knowledge

Hey there streamliters. Hope you guys are doing well. Here I introduce a set of 3 components (circularNavbar, modalCard and settingsPanel) for you guys to warm your eyes with some UI. I am new to html/css/js and just wanted some fancy components for my website… so I tried integrated some already made components into streamlit. Took the components from codepen (thanks to components authors) and did some changes for them to fit properly in a website. I dont have any knowledge regarding Angular, Typescript etc frameworks so I just used a simple index.html file present in the streamlit community to integrate these components. The components were a bit hard-coded with custom needs so I haven’t released it yet, but if there seems to be a high demand for any of the components then I might consider doing it.

Thanks for this awesome framework,
Happy streamlit-ing


Nice - release the code and invite the community to help you improve it.

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thanks @asehmi

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