Making Dataframe from CSV file from personal PC not using st.file_uploader()


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I’m trying to create a program for simple machine learning algorithms and I think streamlit is the best GUI Library for it. The program is supposed to load data from user’s personal PC and turns it into a dataframe. However, file uploading to a web is blocked due to company security measures. Is there a way to convert the CSV file data from user’s personal PC into a dataframe for for machine learning without using “st.file_uploader(‘Upload your input csv file’, type=[‘csv’])” code?

Actually, I tried to convert the CSV data into a dataframe by copying and pasting it using the st.text_area method. However, the data is extremely large with 1.2 million rows, so when I tried to copy and paste it, an error occurred.

I understand that this is clearly a challenging problem, so that’s why I’m seeking advice and ideas from experts. I’m looking forward to receving advice from many experts.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

You host the application in the company’s network where that restriction probably doesn’t apply.

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