Manually define page labels for multipage app?


Can I manually define the URL page labels for a multipage app?

For example, one of my pages is in this file:

pages/01_Dataset\ 1\ (100k).py

which is correctly displayed as “Dataset 1 (100k)” in the sidebar.

However, the resulting URL (useful for passing around to colleagues) does not look nice or concise:

I’d like to simplify the page URL to something like:

while in the sidebar it should still display the full “Dataset 1 (100k)” for this page.

Is that possible?

Hey @Markus_Dreyer,

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to get around this currently.

@blackary created an awesome package that allows you to change the name of your pages without changing the filename, but that wouldn’t solve your issue since you’re looking to change the URL rather than the page name.

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