Many thanks > donation

Give us the possibility to encourage the dev team by donation.
I really appreciate your work ! :blush: :wink:
I transformed my python scripts into applications in a few times,
and the api doc is well written.

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Thanks for the compliment @NotAfk, it means the world to us that you’re getting value from Streamlit!

While we appreciate the sentiment, the best thing community members can do right now to support Streamlit is to keep building cool apps and sharing them with your co-workers and friends. Streamlit has already achieved so much based on word-of-mouth via social media and one developer telling another, and keeping that going will help the project grow even that more successful!



Streamlit permits me to convert all my forecast python scripts into webapp in one night. I’have already deploy the webapp in my entreprise, but I can’t share it here, because of data privacy :frowning:

Sure, I didn’t mean share anything proprietary or confidential. But if you ever do something fun with a public dataset or write a blog post how you solved a specific problem, please come back and share :slight_smile:

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